2023 Day 287 – Matthew 13; Luke 8

2023 Day 287 – Matthew 13; Luke 8

The parable of the sower was one of the many parables taught by Jesus. (Matthew 13)  In that parable were four types of results from the seed that was sown.  First was one who heard the word but did not understand what he heard. (13:19)  The seed sown on rocky ground was one who was excited when he first heard, but once a little trouble came along, he went back to his old ways. (13:20-21)  The seed sown among thorns is one so involved in the riches and cares of the world that he lets these cares choke out the word. (13:22)  The only good result comes from the seed sown in good soil.  That good soil is one that hears and understands God’s word.  He goes on to bear fruit many times over. (13:23)  There are numerous lessons to be learned from this parable.  We can place ourselves as one of these four types of ground where the seed was sown.  Which one would you say is the best match for your life?  We could also look at the ground as others that we share the word with at some point in our life.  The results depend on many factors.  Was the seed sown with love and care or just tossed out like the first example?  Just like planting a garden, it takes time and effort to properly prepare the ground, plant the seed and then continued work to keep the weeds out.  The seed sown on good ground is the only one that we should desire.  It takes a never-ending zeal, but it’s rewards are everlasting life.

Today’s reading: Matthew 13; Luke 8

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