2023 Day 87 – Joshua 19-21

2023 Day 87 – Joshua 19-21

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”  These well known words from Joshua 24:15 were spoken by Joshua to the tribes.  Their response was one that would be expected.  They said they could not forsake the God who brought them out of slavery and did all these great things for them.  Joshua’s response to them was “You are not able to serve the LORD…”(24:19).  Did he really mean that there was no way they could serve God?  He wanted them to understand the seriousness of the promise that they were making.  He goes on to tell them that Jehovah is a holy and jealous God.  Just like God expected the Israelites to serve Him and Him only, He expects the same of us today.  The idols of today may not look like the idols that they worshiped, but they can still pull us just as far away from serving our Heavenly Father.

Today’s reading: Joshua 19-21

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