2023 Day 86 – Joshua 16-18

2023 Day 86 – Joshua 16-18

Joshua was guided by God to assign the land in Canaan to the Israelites.  Each of the twelve tribes were given an allotment of land.  The children of Joseph were separated into two; the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh.  Joseph’s descendants complained to Joshua and said they should be allotted more land. (Joshua 17:14)  Their reason was that they were a “great people”.  Joshua’s response was perfect.  He told them if they were great, then they had the power to go clear all the trees off their land and then they would have more usable land. (v. 15)  This was a land promised and given to the Israelites by God.  God by His providence had given each group an assigned area.  These people knew this, but they still wanted something better.  Each of us has been blessed much more than we deserve, but are we ever guilty of being like the descendants of Joseph?  Joshua’s answer is still fitting today.  Our life and everything in it is from God.  If we feel like we deserve more, maybe we need to “clear the trees”.

Today’s.reading: Joshua 16-18

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